Hello, World

Now that we have installed Noir, it's time to make our first hello world program!

Creating a Project Directory

Noir code can live anywhere on your computer. Lets create a Projects folder in the Home to house our Noir programs.

For Linux, macOS, and PowerShell on Windows, enter this in your terminal:

$ mkdir ~/projects
$ cd ~/projects

For Windwows CMD, enter this:

> mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\projects"
> cd /d "%USERPROFILE%\projects"

Compiling Our First Project

Now that we are in the projects directory, enter the following command:

nargo new hello_world

We use the new command to create a new Noir project. This project will be located in the hello_world folder.

Now cd into the hello_world folder and enter this:

$ nargo build

Now that the project is built, we need to create a proof of correct execution. Edit the file Prover.toml with the following content:

x = "1"
y = "2"

and edit the Verifier.toml file with the following content:

y = "2"
setpub = []

Now you can run the proof generation and verification commands:

$ nargo prove my_proof
$ nargo verify my_proof

Congratulations, you have now created and verified a proof for your very first Noir program!

In the next section, we will go into more detail on exactly what just happened.